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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 09:27

Top Destinations: Šibenik

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Still known as the undiscovered gem of Dalmatia, Šibenik is definitely a town you don’t want to miss. It is best known for its impressive fortresses and medieval stone-paved alleys. As you enter the deep Bay of Šibenik, you will be greeted by the sight of St Nicholas Fortress. It is situated on a tiny islet, which makes this imposing structure look like it is floating on water. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it remains the silent guardian of Šibenik and witness of its turbulent history.
Another UNESCO site is the famous St. James Cathedral, located in the historic center of Šibenik. Apart from being the most beautiful Renaissance monument in Croatia, its construction technique is what makes it truly fascinating. The Cathedral is entirely built out of stone, without mortar, wood, nails or roof tiles - including the vaults and the dome. Quite a remarkable achievement, especially in the 15th century.
If you want to explore archeology and history of Šibenik and its surroundings, we recommend visiting the nearby City Museum. It is located in the former Rector’s Palace on the Šibenik waterfront, once part of the town’s monumental defensive system with two remaining medieval towers. The museum holds exhibits spanning almost 8000 years, so it is a great place to learn more about the impressive history of this area.
Of course, Šibenik is not all about history. If you want to feel the pulse of the city, take a walk down the waterfront or explore its narrow alleys. You will find some interesting bars and restaurants where you can get refreshment and explore local cuisine. You can also check out the nearby Banj Beach, one of the most beautiful town beaches in Croatia. For the best view of Šibenik and its archipelago, visit the magnificent Fortress of St. Michael.
One more thing you should definitely not miss is the nearby Krka National Park. It is known as one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks and only a half an hour from Šibenik. Its spectacular forests, lakes and waterfalls make it the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries. If you wish to discover Šibenik, we recommend that you check out our Highlights of South Adriatic Cruise or Dalmatian Islands Cruise.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020 08:59

Top Destinations: Zadar

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One of the most important centers on the Dalmatian coast, Zadar is an amazing combination of long and turbulent history and fresh and lively energy of a modern coastal town. It started out as an Iron Age settlement in the 4th century BC and transformed into an urban center in the Roman times. Roman ruins are still visible on Zadar peninsula, the town’s historic center where most of its attractions are located. Some of its best known monuments date back to the Medieval and Renaissance period. If you climb the monumental St Anastasia bell tower, you can enjoy amazing view of the town and its beautiful archipelago. We recommend that you do this at sunset − and check Alfred Hitchcock’s claim that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world.
Zadar is also known for its modern attractions, especially the Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun. The Sea Organ is a fascinating and unique sound installation. It looks like a set of steps on the waterfront, but it is in fact an instrument played by the sea waves. It is connected with the Monument to the Sun, a nearby light installation whose lights ‘dance’ in the evening to the rhythm of the music created by the sea. Cool, right?
During your stay in Zadar, make sure to explore its many interesting cafes, bars and restaurants. Try local craft beers or the famous Maraschino, Zadar’s signature liqueur made from Marasca sour cherries. Also, keep in mind that there are some spectacular national parks and nature reserves nearby. Canyons, waterfalls, magical islands and lakes... If you have time, just take your pick and visit at least one of them. If you wish to discover Zadar, we recommend that you check out our Wonders of Croatia Cruise.

Monday, 27 January 2020 14:38

Elite Travel adopts plastic-free policy

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Dubrovnik’s Elite Travel eliminates single-use plastics from its fleet.
As a Travelife Certified company, Elite Travel is committed to continuous raising of environmental and sustainability standards. We are proud to announce that this year we are starting to implement
plastic-free policy on board our cruise ships. Since single-use plastic is by far the largest marine pollutant, we are replacing our service of 0.5 l bottle of water per meal with water fountains. They
will be installed on all our vessels.
This is the first step in our efforts to contribute to the global reduction of plastic waste. This is crucial because, as we all know, our seas and oceans face growing challenges from pollution. Since tourism
is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, sustainability must be the priority of everyone involved. Only by combined effort can we help the environment heal.
We believe that every contribution to environmental protection can achieve a significant effect. No matter how small. So we invite you to get involved and suggest any actions that can make a positive
difference. Help us preserve our beautiful planet for future generations to discover and enjoy.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 20:36

Unforgettable Dalmatia Cruise

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Looking for the best way to discover Croatian coast, its beautiful islands, hidden bays and picturesque historic towns? Then Unforgettable Dalmatia Cruise on Adriatic Pearl is the perfect choice for your vacation. We‘ve picked some of the best mainland and island destinations to give you a dream cruise of the Adriatic Sea.

This inspiring, and yet relaxing small ship cruise lasts for 8 days / 7 nights. We embark in Zadar and our final destination is Dubrovnik. During our stay in Zadar, you will have the opportunity to explore the city in the evening and the following morning. Discover the rich history of the Zadar peninsula by taking a walk around the remains of the Roman Forum. Marvel at the impressive medieval Church of St. Donatus and Dalmatia’s biggest cathedral, the Church of St. Anastasia. You can also check out some of Zadar’s modern attractions such as the unique Sea Organ or the Monument to the Sun.

In the afternoon of day 2, enjoy the sail through the beautiful Zadar archipelago on the way to our next stop - Šibenik. This historic town is best known for its impressive fortresses and St. James Cathedral. The famous basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture.

On day 3, first we visit the charming little town of Trogir, located on a small island bridged to the mainland. This architectural gem and UNESCO World Heritage Site dates all the way back to the Greek period. But it is best known for its Venetian-style palaces, churches and towers. Explore its narrow alleys and waterfront promenade before we continue to the nearby city of Split.

The biggest town in Dalmatia, Split is a bustling center and a true representative of the Mediterranean way of life. It developed around the 4th century palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best preserved examples of Roman imperial architecture in Europe. The palace’s narrow alleys and small squares hide Roman temples, many churches, museums, cafes and restaurants. Simply blend in with the locals and enjoy the charm of this ancient city.

You can spend the next morning in Split or take an optional trip to Omiš. This picturesque little town situated at the mouth of river Cetina was a famous pirates’ den in medieval times. Today it is known for good food and beautiful nature. Steep rocks and forts towering over the town and its sandy beaches provide some truly stunning views. We recommend exploring the beautiful Cetina river canyon on a boat excursion. Also, make sure to taste local specialties in one of traditional Dalmatian taverns and restaurants.

And now it’s time for some island hopping! First we set sail to the island of Hvar. This jet set hotspot and the sunniest island in Croatia has a lot to offer. You can chill out on some of the local beaches or bars or you can explore its rich history and heritage - Hvar has it all.

On day 5 we head for the island of Korčula. The town of Korčula is an impressive fortified gem of stone nested in the lush dark green setting of the island. Known for its rich tradition of stonemasonry, it is a fine example of architectural harmony. The next day we sail to the island of Mljet, best known for its natural beauty. Mljet national park offers various types of recreation such as cycling or kayaking. Or you can simply enjoy the serene beauty of the island’s two lakes, one of which contains an islet with a medieval Benedictine monastery.

After Mljet, we return to the mainland for an overnight stay in the village of Slano. This gives you an opportunity to relax and prepare for our next stop, Dubrovnik. You can also visit the nearby town of Ston and enjoy tasting its exceptional red wines and local delicacies. We definitely recommend trying the famous Ston oysters.

In the early afternoon of day 7, we set sail for our final port of call, Dubrovnik. The most famous coastal city in Croatia, it boasts the title of ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’. During the afternoon you can explore its magnificent walls, churches, museums and monasteries. After that you can relax and enjoy a romantic dinner or check out Dubrovnik’s nightlife. The cruise ends after breakfast the following day. For more detailed information, check the Unforgettable Dalmatia Cruise itinerary.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 13:55

Cruise Croatia with us and the Adriatic Princess

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Finding the perfect way to visit a country can be a bit tricky: what’s the best time to visit, how to avoid extreme weather like the exhausting heat, how to avoid the crowds and the traffic jams, how to find the best local spots… All of this can be avoided in Croatia by simply doing your tour of the coast with a boat! One thing you could do is join us on the Adriatic Princess cruise.

So we usually start either in Dubrovnik, Split or Trogir, depending on the week. To show you the program, let’s say this time we’re starting from the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The first day is quite chill, of course you’ve only just arrived, so we don’t go too crazy and we don’t really do much other than a welcome drink, a quick briefing and a nice dinner so that everyone can meet each other.
The next morning starts off with a walking tour of Dubrovnik – join a local tour guide and stroll through the gorgeous little alleys, with some free time later to explore and wander around on your own. Admire the city walls from the ground, before we actually sail around them and you get to experience their beauty from a completely different perspective: from the sea. After that we’ll have lunch on board as we continue sailing towards to charming city of Slano.
Getting tipsy in the afternoon is something you are allowed to do while on vacation – and we like to provide this to you this very afternoon. As we approach Slano, we continue to take a quick bus tour towards Ston and the charming Vukas winery, where you get to taste some local liquors and wines. The star of the show here is red wine, but there’s also a light white one to try. If you’re lucky you’ll also see the cat of the owner of the winery – probably the biggest cat in the area. We then continue to Ston where you have free time to either walk a part of the city walls, try some oysters, or simply sit back and have a coffee. The night is spent in Slano.

Mljet is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia – and that’s where we’re heading the next morning. It’s an island with two lakes, and one of the lakes has another island on it. You can visit this island on an island, or you can simply walk or cycle around the lakes and have a swim. The views are stunning and the air is fresh. A nice contrast to the nature of Mljet is the city of Korčula that we depart towards in the afternoon, where we also have a walking tour of the city. The night is spent right there, and there are lots of lovely restaurants and bars to visit there as well.
The next morning takes us to the island of Brač where we visit the picturesque village of Pučišća. Not very easy to pronounce, but very easy to fall in love with: the contrast of the sea and the greenery with all the limestone is just stunning. There we quickly visit a school of stonemasons: a centuries old tradition in this village. You will be able to hear a lot more about limestone and how it’s worked with to create beautiful shapes and sculptures.

This afternoon is a bit different: we head off to the city of Omiš, lying on the river of Cetina. Another one of the optional tours: we take a boat up the river and take in the beautiful scenery while we observe the various birds and the occasional skinny dipper. We reach a restaurant at the end where you get to try bread ‘’under peka’’ – difficult to describe, easy to google and fall in love with the photos! Have a look for yourself – and have a taste once you join us on the tour. For those who opt not to do the river Cetina tour – there’s a big sandy beach right next to where we dock.
The evening sail takes us to Split where we’re spending the night.

Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and it is very charming indeed. The evenings there are lovely: you can walk around the Diocletian’s palace and all the little alleys around the old city centre, or you can simply enjoy a cold drink on the ‘’riva’’. In the morning you’ll hear much more about these sights as you head off on a walking tour of the city of Split. You will probably see and hear a ‘’klapa’’ singing: a traditional a capella singing group very typical for this area.

In the afternoon we’ll take off to Hvar where another short but sweet walking tour is awaiting. After that there’s plenty of free time – and plenty of things to do in Hvar. Hvar is the name of both the island and the city we dock in. The beaches are lovely, the bars are great and the people are fun.
Krka is yet another beautiful national park of Croatia and another very complicated name to pronounce. This is where the next day takes us – particularly into the charming city of Skradin and the part of the waterfall national park called Skradinski Buk. You can stay there and chill out by the biggest waterfall or you can try and lose some of that weight you’ve gained due to the amazing cooking of our boat chef, and walk around the smaller waterfalls and do a nice circle around the park.

In the evening we stay in Šibenik and you have a walking tour and free time there.
On the way if we’re sailing a bit longer we will have some lectures and also some swim stops on the boat, and this morning will most probably be the one that combines both. We will then reach Trogir where you can join a guided walking tour and have a lot of free time after that. This day we like to take it easy as we’ve done so much over the last couple of days.
After this, the last day is there to say goodbye to everyone, exchange contacts and think of all the memories you’ve made along the way.

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 12:35

Game of Thrones is done: what now?

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Game of Thrones has officially finished, and whether you liked the ending or not, you can’t deny the existence of that gaping hole in your soul that’s been left after the end. We completely understand you and we are here to help with some ideas on what to do with your life now.

1. Rewatch the whole show and watch your favorite characters developing from start to finish. Let’s have a look at some of the most important characters in the show and where they ended up.

Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister both dead: a lot of fans had a lot to say about their deaths. They died together, just as they were born, just as they would have wanted. Cersei died a queen, in the Red keep, in the arms of the man she’s loved her whole life; the biggest villain of the show, without a majestic death, actually dying the way she probably would have chosen to die, and poor Jaime had been developing for 8 seasons only to go back to the beginning… that is what most of the complaints talk about. But there is some poetic beauty to it: especially after we see the scene when Tyrion finds their bodies under the bricks in the Keep.
Daenerys Targaryen died at the hands of her love, Jon Snow. Again, many fans complained about the fact that she became the Mad Queen and had to be killed, but to be fair this had been forthshadowed throughtout the entire show. In Season 2, when Dany enters the House of the Undying looking for her dragons, she has a vision about this. The Throne room is covered in something white: everyone thought this was snow, turns out it was ash. She almost touches the throne: a symbol for her getting so close to ruling Westeros. Afterwards she sees Khal Drogo and her stillborn child: a symbol for her death.
Jon Snow went up to the Wall, and beyond the Wall with the Free Folk. A good ending for a good character: he’s in the place where he would have wanted to be the most. He also finally gave Ghost a pet, well deserved by the best boy in all of the kingdoms. Many are asking why does the Night watch still exist? Tyrion does mention this by the end of the show: there must always be a place in the world for ‘’cripples, bastards and broken things’’.
The rest of the Starks also meet good ends, just what you’d expect if you knew that George’s final book was supposed to be called ‘A time for wolves’, instead of ‘A dream of spring’. Bran becomes the king of Westeros, probably the thing fans have complained the most about. However, when you think about it, this is the only way they could have finished the show. If anyone else sat on the Throne, the show could have continued. Bran was the only logical ending. However, he became the king of six kingdoms, not seven, as the North finally gained its independence back, thanks to Sansa, the Queen in the North. And while Sansa is finally ruling the North, Arya is going west: west of Westeros, to explore what exists there, a fitting ending for such an adventurous soul.
Tyrion Lannister gets the biggest punishment but also the biggest reward for his character: he becomes the Hand of the King – something that he was definitely born to do. He has some interesting people in the Small council: Ser Davos who has also become Master of Grammar, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, Ser Brienne of Tarth, Samwell Tarly who is writing ‘A song of ice and fire’. We also overhear beautiful two words: ‘SER Podrick’.

2. Do something else related to Game of Thrones!

Drink your sorrows away and play the official GOT drinking game
Play ‘Beyond the Wall: Game of Thrones’. HBO has just announced a thrilling virtual reality experience where you yourself can go beyond the Wall and fight the white walkers.
Watch ‘Game of Thrones: The Last Watch’. HBO has also just released a documentary about the making of the final season. You’ll find some Dubrovnik in there as well. And now that we’ve mentioned Dubrovnik…

3. Visit us and do a Game of Thrones tour with us!

Take a stroll through King’s Landing and make sure it’s actually still there even after the penultimate episode of the final season – book our Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik
Here are a few photos of some of the spots you will visit, and you will probably recognize a lot of these spots from the final few episodes: 
If you want to extend your experience and remember the Tyrells, you can also visit the Trsteno Arboretum and see the Gardens of King’s Landing
However, if you’d like to remember some other places, not just King’s Landing, such as the great city of Mereen, then our tour from Split is perfect for you

4. See King’s Landing, but through a different tour!

But if the wound is still fresh, and you want to forget about Game of Thrones for a little bit, you could see King’s Landing for what it really is: the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The best way to see it is from the city walls, and you can do this tour with us
You could also visit some of the beautiful surroundings with us as well. For island lovers, we have the Elafiti island cruise or the Korčula day trip. If you’d like to admire the islands from a kayak, we have something for you as well. Or if you prefer to stay on the coast (and eat!), do the Taste of Dalmatia tour. 
We hope our ideas have helped you get over the fact that Game of Thrones is over. Valar Dohaeris!

There are many types of travelers, but mostly you can divide them into either the spontaneous ones, or the ones who plan out everything in advance. Some things in Dubrovnik may surprise even the most organized ones, and here we will try to sum up a few of those.

1. Coffee is the most important thing in the world
Croatia is well known for its coffee culture, especially when you mention that it's the eighth country in the world by consumation of coffee, with only 4 million inhabitants. The further you go down from the north of the country along the coast, the more important the coffee becomes. Finally coming to Dubrovnik, this is where this tradition really lives. We are pretty much famous for being able to drink one cup of coffee for about five hours. You can sit in a coffee shop for that long without being judged. Actually, you'd be judged if you just drank it and left. You have to soak in the sun as well as the caffeine. We do everything over coffee as well – friendly meetings, dates, business meetings, job interviews. Almost any coffee shop you walk by will always be full. So if you want to look like a local, find a spot in the sun and order yourself a ''veliki s hladnim''!

2. Talk about the weather and complain about the weather (or anything else)
To showcase the above, we'll list some of the sentences you'll hear the most:
Ah, it's so damn hot, this is way too much, can't stand the sun anymore, when is the rain coming?
Ah, it's raining again, I wonder if I'll ever see the sun again, I prefer anything over this terrible rain!
Ah, it's so windy, the wind is the worst, I don't even mind the rain as long as it's not windy!
In general, it's pretty much the same here as anywhere else in the world – all small talk begins with chatting about the weather. However, even though we have amazing weather, you also always have to find something to complain about. It can be too hot, too cold, too windy, not windy enough.. it takes imagination and a great deal of talent. If you can't find something to complain about in relation to the weather, make sure to talk about something else that's bothering you. We are not negative people in general, and we live quite a nice laid-back life here, so we like to highlight the negatives out of pure boredom. So when you're in a taxi and want to chat – just complain about something!

3. The traffic is a bit crazy
People in Dubrovnik drive like maniacs – which is the main reason why we don't recommend cycling within the actual city. The streets of Dubrovnik are very narrow so it takes a special kind of skill and a special kind of masochism to drive around them. The term 'angry driver' goes to a whole other level here. Unless you see someone you know – then you just honk like crazy!

4. It can get extremely crowded
Dubrovnik certainly has mass tourism and a lot of cruise ships visiting almost throughout the entire year. Add the guests staying here for a few days and the ones visiting Dubrovnik on one day bus/boat trips – sometimes we have more guests in the city than locals! Therefore the city can get very crowded so visiting the main attractions in the afternoon or evening might be a good idea.

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5. We're not Croatia, we're not Dalmatia, and we're certainly not King's Landing – we're Dubrovnik
People from Dubrovnik are very specific and very special – and being from Dubrovnik, we don't necessarily mean this in a good way. We always tend to stand out somehow and separate ourselves from the rest of the crowd. We consider ourselves almost independent from Croatia – which we were for a very long time indeed, and still today we are physically separated from the rest of the country (have a quick look at the map!). We also don't like to be called a part of Dalmatia, or completely idenfitied only as a Game of Thrones location. If you really want people from Dubrovnik to like you, try saying you're visiting the Republic of Ragusa – this will win you all the bonus points.

6. We don't have dreamy sandy beaches
Dubrovnik has beautiful beaches indeed, however because of the kind of landscape that surrounds it, it doesn't actually have those sandy beaches that everyone dreams of. Our beaches are pebbly, rocks, and not so easy to walk through. If you're someone who really doesn't like this – you might want to go to Lopud island! The whole island has small sandy beaches – but if you go to the other side of the island – there you can find Šunj beach, one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in this part of the coast. Join our Three Island Tour (link) and spend a couple of hours there!

7. Dubrovnik is quite expensive
Many see Croatia as quite a poor country, however as we've mentioned above, Dubrovnik always has to be different, so in these terms as well. Especially in the area around the Old town, you'll find the prices are quite high. For this you might want to learn a couple of Croatian words and phrases – the locals get a big discount for pretty much anything! And always say 'hvala'. 

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If there are any other things you'd like to know before your visit, don't hesitate to contact us!

Monday, 22 April 2019 20:26

Brace yourselves – Season 8 is here

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Huge spoiler alert – do not continue reading if you haven't seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones!
After long 2 years of waiting for the end – it is finally here. Late Sunday evening, or for some Monday early morning, the new season of Game of Thrones was finally here. For people all over the world this day was something they've been looking forward to for a very long time, especially here in Dubrovnik, the city that proudly plays King's Landing in the show.
The episode opens with a beautiful shot over Winterfell as Daenerys and Jon are marching towards the castle. There's a little boy jumping around looking at the parade – a big flashback to the very first episode of season 1, specifically Bran and Arya. These two are both very different now – Bran not even being Bran anymore, but the Three eyed raven, and Arya standing on the side, letting the little boy jumping around instead, as she did in the opening of the entire show.
The Northerners seem to show disappointment in Jon and distrust towards Daenerys – but they are only truly shocked after two full grown dragons fly over their heads. Lastly we see Sansa watching the dragons – very unimpressed to say the least.
Reuniting characters begins with Jon and Bran – but as it's not Bran anymore, after a warm hug from his ''brother'' Jon, he cuts straight to the chase – there's no time for any of this small talk, the Wall has fallen and the dead are now marching south. Such thing is mentioned at a meeting in the hall of Winterfell, however the Northern folk focuses on the fact that Jon is no longer the king, even after they proclaimed him King in the North. Even Lyanna Mormont is not on his side anymore. Tyrion tries to fix things by saying the Lannister army is riding north as well – not even knowing that the suspicions of the Northerners will come true – this is completely wrong as Cersei was lying to him. This will probably look like he was lying to them and create further complications for Jon and Dany.
And now that we've mentioned complications for Dany – let's touch on Sansa. She's not too keen on the idea of feeding this great army, or the dragons. She dares ask what dragons eat anyway. Daenerys responds with the same fire, saying they eat whatever they want. But she's not the only one Sansa is cold towards – Tyrion tries to have a casual conversation with her, but she just calls him stupid because he thinks that Cersei will actually help them. They do touch on a lovely memory that they share – the Purple wedding where Joffrey died.
Then we cut to Jon and Arya in the woods both sporting a Ned Stark haircut, comparing their swords. This reunion is very emotional for both of them as well as all of us fans, especially when Jon realizes that Arya still has Needle. However, he doesn't realize yet that she's lying when she says she's only used it once or twice.

Elite Travel Game of Thrones 66
After the scenes in the North, we go to King's Landing – our very own Dubrovnik! Cersei is standing on the walls as Qyburn approaches and gives her the terrible news: the Wall has fallen. She takes this surprisingly well, and then we see that Euron Greyjoy's fleet is approaching the city. Euron is coming with Yara and the head of the Golden Company, who looks quite a lot like Jamie Lannister. Everyone is here except for the elephants we were promised in the previous season. Some other things were promised last season – for example an intimate conversation between Euron and Cersei. He finally convinces her, and she doesn't seem to mind. She actually quite likes him, and is actually smiling, until he mentions he will put a baby prince in her belly. This ties in with the fact that she already is pregnant, or is she? After this, we are still in King's Landing, and Qyburn visits Bronn and gives him an order from Cersei. An order to kill Tyrion and Jaime.
Cutting back to Euron's ship in front of the walls of King's Landing, Theon finally rescues Yara. They sail off, however in different directions, as he expresses the wish to fight with the Starks in Winterfell, and she goes home to the Iron islands in case queen Daenerys needs somewhere to retreat.
We then have a little lecture on loyalty from the three wisemen: Tyrion, Varys and Ser Davos. Varys has his emo teenager moment where he says that nothing lasts, looking at Jon and Daenerys. The two of them are walking around the grounds of Winterfell when Daenerys is told that the dragons don't like the North, and are barely eating. Jon and Dany go to see them, and we see more of a connection between Jon and Rhaegal. He finally sits on him and rides a dragon, although not too sure how to do it at the beginning. All the while Drogon is looking at Jon as if he either knows that he shouldn't be kissing Dany, or as if he thinks that Jon is the one who should be riding him. The scene leads to a casual dragon riding date, where Jon even manages to steer the dragon in a specific direction, and takes Daenerys to a place where he used to hunt as a child.
Arya meets the Hound and Gendry, another two reunions we have been waiting for. Arya's and Hound's is quite quick, but she has a weapon request for Gendry, and even a drawing. While she's doing this, Jon and Sansa are arguing about Daenerys – she's asking him whether he bent the knee if he trusts her or if he loves her. At the same time, she is accompanying Ser Jorah to thank Samwell for saving his life. However, Sam is not aware of the fact that she burned his father and brother, and doesn't take these news very well. He goes to Jon to the crypts to share this with him – but also to tell him that he is in fact Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Throne. Jon mentions that this means his ''father'' Ned Stark had been lying to him his whole life, and that Dany should be on the throne. Sam then mentions what she did to his family, and Jon's trust might be a bit shaken.
We cut to the North, beneath the Wall, where Berric and Tormund are going through the Umber castle and stumble upon Edd from the Wall, and we have the hilarous ''I've always had blue eyes'' scene. They also find the (un)dead Ned Umber.
At the very end, Jamie Lannister arrives to Winterfell, and lock eyes with Bran, who's been waiting for an old friend.
If you want to find out more about the previous seasons and how they were filmed in Dubrovnik, join us for one of our Game of Thrones tours .

Friday, 12 April 2019 18:29

Private Yacht Rental

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There is no better way of exploring the beautiful coast of Croatia than by boat. You get to enjoy the fresh healthy salty air and the gorgeous views along the way, without any traffic jams or noise following you. Croatia has an archipelago of over a thousand islands, islets, inlets, bays, as well as an astonishing rugged coastline, so it really makes sense to experience it this way.
This is why Elite Travel offers transfers by a motor boat to these islands and coastal towns. The boat is shown on the photo and is definitely a very comfortable way of getting from point A to point B. All transfers offered include a skipper, soft drinks, snacks, seasonal fruit, fuel and local tax.
And while you can hear a lot that it's never about the destination, but about the journey, let's be fair, the destination plays a big role here as well. So let us introduce you to some of our most popular transfers and where they can take you.

From Dubrovnik to Hvar island:

Also known as the Sunny island, Hvar is situated in the middle of our gorgeous coast. It is surrounded by a number of other islands, including Brač, Vis and Korčula, and you can see them from the boat as well. It is well connected to Split by ferries and speed boats. Most of the island is covered either by pine forest or by vineyards, which makes for a very pleasant atmosphere and agreeable weather. About 225 days in the year are sunny (or to be more specific, 2726 hours), which is where the nickname Sunny island comes from. It never snows there, and there's a general agreement that if this does happen, accommodation on the island is completely free for everyone on that day.

Hvar is probably the most popular island in Croatia, regularly featured in all top 10 lists of islands. The main settlement on the island is also called Hvar, but probably the most interesting one is Stari Grad, literally meaning Old Town. As you can guess, there's a beautiful old town there, and a fortress that offers an unforgettable view over the city and the Adriatic sea in the background. The mentioned two settlements, Hvar and Stari Grad, are connected by road, as well as with some of the other cities and villages, like Jelsa and Sućuraj. Getting around the island itself is pretty easy.
While the locals used to be focused on agriculture in the past, and that being mainly the production of olive oil, wine, fruits, vegetables, and growing lavender, they have turned to tourism much more in the last years. The island is filled with restaurants, coffee bars, pubs, clubs and other great things to do. There are lots of activities you can do there, such as cycling, hiking, diving, etc.
Excellent, fun nightlife is another thing that Hvar is famous for. It's definitely a place where everyone can enjoy.


Hvar Island

From Dubrovnik to Split:

The largest city in Dalmatia and second largest in Croatia, Split, is also the second largest harbour in Croatia and third most visited harbour in the Mediterranean. It is the economic and cultural center of a Croatian region called Dalmatia, which takes up most of the coast. People from Split are well known for the amusing way in which they speak, as well as their cheerful personality and easy going approach to life. If something can be done tomorrow – don't do it today. And if you think people in Dubrovnik are chilled, wait until you meet someone from Split.
Other than the cool mindset and lifestyle, a unique thing to see in Split is the Diocletian's palace, a beautiful palace built by the Romans in the 4th century and protected by the UNESCO, just like Dubrovnik. Most people connect the building of this palace to the founding of the city of Split itself. It is the best kept palace from that period of time in the whole world. The parts that remain today are now integrated with the rest of the old city and it's extremely interesting to see how this works today. Also, if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, it might be worth noting that they did some filming here: for example two Daenerys's dragons were kept locked in the basement of the palace. You'll find some Game of Thrones tours there, as well as a lot of souvenir shops. We do offer a Game of Thrones tour there as well, and a combined Dubrovnik-Split Game of Thrones tour. 
There's a number of other beautiful buildings and sights in Split, such as the Cathedral of Saint Dujam, or Duje, the saint patron and protector of the city of Split. You can also do a fair bit of shopping here: people from Dubrovnik tend to either go here or to Mostar to do their yearly huge shopping spree, as there's a lot of choice and the prices are not so steep. Split is also well known for sport, and the stadium of our beloved football team Hajduk, called Poljud, is situated there as well. The stadium is in the shape of a shell and is known to be quite beautiful. The fans of Hajduk are called Torcida and they are pretty energetic and active when it comes to cheering for Hajduk.
Remember these two words, Hajduk and Torcida: you will see them everywhere around Split.


So in the end, whether you are going to Hvar island, Split city, Vis island,  Brač island, or any other destination of your choice, our professional skippers are always at your service.

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Adriatic Cruises

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If you still haven't decided what's gonna be your next holiday, we are here to give you some tips.

Adriatic cruises are definitely something you have to try. Slow cruise by small boats, capacity 40 peopole, accommodation in a chosen category cabin, free Wi Fi on board. Sounds good?

Choose among several different itineraires and set sail away from the city crowd, relax and enjoy in the harmony of green and blue. Meet the beauty of Dalmatian coast and islands, get know what are traditional croatian dishes and swimm at the hidden bays most tourists will never see. If you are lucky enough, maybe dolphins will join you. Seagulls will guide you for sure.

We can't decide which cruise we prefer the most, but check the Adriatic Paradise Cruise by Adriatic Princess, because there are only 3 dates left to book.

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