A Guide To The Croatian Christmas Markets 2017/2018

Dubrovnik Winter Festival Dubrovnik Winter Festival Photo Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Christmas holidays are surely a magical time of the year. Nothing is more festive than walking among decorated  Christmas chalets looking for gifts and tasting the local specialities.  Christmas is a time to spend it with family, friends, a time to be joyful  and a time to be thankful  for all good things in our life. 

If you are planning to spend this festive Advent season somewhere in Europe, Croatia is the best choice for do so. Each city has something interesting to offer, from the youngest to the oldest. Do you like chocolate? Visit Opatija! Do you like a-capella songs, visit either Šibenik or Split! Do you like Christmas light decorations? Visit Salaj family land!  Do you want to visit Christmas market in the southern city  of Croatia? Visit Dubrovnik!  Or do you just want to visit the best European Advent destination? Visit Zagreb! And more, more and more destinations! The Christmas Markets  will take place this year from December 2,2017 to January 6, 2018.

Plan your vacation, make your reservations with Elite travel! Let's see together what Croatia has to offer in this festive season 2017-2018! Croatia full of life! Find out why Croatia is a great destination for  Advent season city break! Share and #  your pictures on instagram

Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) has rounded up on its official website  many Christmas markets you can visit in Croatia. They make every effort to keep this page updated with the latest information but please be sure to check the official website before making your travel plans.

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