Calm and serenity, blue color of the Adriatic Sea, old limestone houses and walls, delicious food and welcoming inhabitants are just some of the attractions of Dalmatia.
Strolling through small picturesque villages and towns one notices the green bushes of capers growing on old walls. Caper bushes are quite common for the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia. Flowers of capers are beautiful and adorn a lot of walls on Croatian islands.
What are capers? They are actually the immature, green flower buds of the caper bush. Picking them is an arduous process as it has to be done by hand. Capers are then pickled. You can store them in a jar in salty brine that mellows its bitterness as well. They are very rich in flavor so make sure not to add too many capers to your dish. Its taste can be described as salty and lemony. You can use capers in a variety of recipes like in seafood dishes, pastas, salads and sauces, with meat and fish. Capers can be easily used straight out of jar in uncooked dishes. If you plan to add them to a cooked dish, it is much better to do it towards the end of cooking, as too much simmering results in them becoming bitter and losing their texture.
Remember to order a dish with capers next time you come to Croatia.