Do you want to taste the Dalmatia?

We want to give you the chance to really taste all the flavors of Dalmatia. What do you think about olive oil, home made cheese, smoked ham and wine?

We have a perfect tour for you to find  colors and tastes of Dalmatia. The tour goes from Dubrovnik to the small village of Orašac where we take part in the production of olive oil the old-fashioned way, where the “mill“ is driven by a horse. 

We continue towards the small town of Ston which is the “oysters capital” of Croatia, also known by 5 km long walls surrounding the town. Construction of the walls started in 1317 and was finished only in the 16th century.

In Ston, you can also find the ancient salt pans that were in use during the Dubrovnik Republic. Take a walk along the seaside in the Mali Ston and enjoy the view over the oyster and mussel farms. To complete the list of Dalmatin's tastes, be sure to taste the seafood platter in one of the local restaurants.

Salt, sea, olive oil and wine accompanied by the music of crickets – the perfect day to expirience the best of the Mediterranean. See you on the „Taste of Dalmatia“!