Dry stone walls

Dry stone walls PhotoBySergioGobbo

When you travel through the Adriatic coast in Croatia, either from land or sea, you will notice endless stone walls hugging hills, floting like snakes and dividing the countryside.
They come in different shapes and sizes and creating them is not a simple task.
The technique is a thousand years old and they are handmade without mortar to hold the stones in place.
Stacked stone by stone they have to fit like puzzle pieces.
Farmers pick rocks out of the soil to clear space to grow olive trees and grapevines.
They then use the rocks to construct walls around geometric plots, creating a grid that stretches for kilometres.
Dry stone walls were also used to divide territory and corral sheep, and they play a vital role in preventing landslides, floods, avalanches and combate erosion.
As a monument they are under the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, so while you travel along the Adriatic coast and islands of Croatia, somehow a monument is always surrounding you.