Island of Vis

This breathtaking island is situated in the central Dalmatian archipelago. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that for a long time it was “a forbidden island” used as a military base. Untouched nature, numerous bays and great beaches attract a lot of yachts and sailing boats during summer months. The number of beds in local hotels and private accommodation is still limited. Transparent color of the Adriatic Sea invites you to have a dive. For serious divers there are shipwrecks and amphoras at the sea bottom. Caves on the nearby islets are just amazing!
There are two main settlements on the island – Vis and Komiža connected by a road. Hills and fertile land make the landscape of the island very versatile. Exploring the inner part of the island can be very interesting. Vineyards provide the locals with excellent wine to accompany tasty fish from the coastline. Lobster is one of the treats in local restaurants and fishermen supply them with fresh fish abundantly.
If you are into history - Vis is the islands to visit. Its ancient history is very rich, all the way from the times when Greek and the Romans had their colonies on the island. Maritime battles took place in its proximity. Airfield from the time of the Second World War is one of the points of interest as the allies used it for their aircrafts. Tito, the leader of the resistance movement in Yugoslavia, met Randolph Churchill on Vis in 1944. Old bunkers are well hidden but can be visited.
In 2017 “Mamma mia! Here we go again “ has been filmed on location on Vis. Ever since the interest of visitors boomed but the island is still not overwhelmed with too many people. The famous actors and actresses are gone but Vis is still waiting for you!
In 2019 Geopark Vis Archipelago became a member of UNESCO Global Geoparks.