Lighthouse Sveti Andrija (Saint Andrew)

The island is situated to the NW of Dubrovnik and belongs to the Elaphite Islands Archipelago. It has a surface area of 4, 84 hectares.
The shores of the island are rocky and inhospitable. Pine trees and shrubs cover the northwestern part of the island. In spite of lack of vegetation birds can be spotted there. The sea around the island is rich in fish and divers enjoy in caves and rarely the red coral as there is not so much of it nowadays.
On top of the island is a lighthouse built in 1873.
Remains of the old Benedictine monastery recall the times when the island was attractive as a place of solitude, prayer and seclusion. Already in the 13th century Benedictines from Monte Cassino had the monastery built as a donation of the patrician family from Dubrovnik. The earthquake of 1667 that changed the aspect of Dubrovnik destroyed the monastery. The last monks left in 1799 as the estate was sold by the Republic of Dubrovnik that needed to pay for a loan to the French. Monks from Sveti Andrija made their contribution to the literature and science. Mavro Vetranić Čavčić wrote a poem describing a monastic life on the island. There is even a legend about a sad love story of a monk from this monastery and a woman from the island of Lopud. In case of bad weather or a problem monks would light a fire on top of the island so the help was sent from Dubrovnik. During pirate attacks monks hid in a tower or a cave.
In the 15th century Sveti Andrija was used as a quarantine by the inhabitants of the island of Lopud.
Patrician families from Dubrovnik sent their sickly sons to the island to have their health improved. Some were sent to the island as a kind of punishment.
Sveti Andrija attracts attention of people sailing through the Elaphite Islands Archipelago or visitors of the City Walls of Dubrovnik when they see it in distance.