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There is no better way of exploring the beautiful coast of Croatia than by boat. You get to enjoy the fresh healthy salty air and the gorgeous views along the way, without any traffic jams or noise following you. Croatia has an archipelago of over a thousand islands, islets, inlets, bays, as well as an astonishing rugged coastline, so it really makes sense to experience it this way.
This is why Elite Travel offers transfers by a motor boat to these islands and coastal towns. The boat is shown on the photo and is definitely a very comfortable way of getting from point A to point B. All transfers offered include a skipper, soft drinks, snacks, seasonal fruit, fuel and local tax.
And while you can hear a lot that it's never about the destination, but about the journey, let's be fair, the destination plays a big role here as well. So let us introduce you to some of our most popular transfers and where they can take you.

From Dubrovnik to Hvar island:

Also known as the Sunny island, Hvar is situated in the middle of our gorgeous coast. It is surrounded by a number of other islands, including Brač, Vis and Korčula, and you can see them from the boat as well. It is well connected to Split by ferries and speed boats. Most of the island is covered either by pine forest or by vineyards, which makes for a very pleasant atmosphere and agreeable weather. About 225 days in the year are sunny (or to be more specific, 2726 hours), which is where the nickname Sunny island comes from. It never snows there, and there's a general agreement that if this does happen, accommodation on the island is completely free for everyone on that day. Hvar is probably the most popular island in Croatia, regularly featured in all top 10 lists of islands. The main settlement on the island is also called Hvar, but probably the most interesting one is Stari Grad, literally meaning Old Town. As you can guess, there's a beautiful old town there, and a fortress that offers an unforgettable view over the city and the Adriatic sea in the background. The mentioned two settlements, Hvar and Stari Grad, are connected by road, as well as with some of the other cities and villages, like Jelsa and Sućuraj. Getting around the island itself is pretty easy.
While the locals used to be focused on agriculture in the past, and that being mainly the production of olive oil, wine, fruits, vegetables, and growing lavender, they have turned to tourism much more in the last years. The island is filled with restaurants, coffee bars, pubs, clubs and other great things to do. There are lots of activities you can do there, such as cycling, hiking, diving, etc.
Excellent, fun nightlife is another thing that Hvar is famous for. It's definitely a place where everyone can enjoy.


Hvar Island

From Dubrovnik to Split:

The largest city in Dalmatia and second largest in Croatia, Split, is also the second largest harbour in Croatia and third most visited harbour in the Mediterranean. It is the economic and cultural center of a Croatian region called Dalmatia, which takes up most of the coast. People from Split are well known for the amusing way in which they speak, as well as their cheerful personality and easy going approach to life. If something can be done tomorrow – don't do it today. And if you think people in Dubrovnik are chilled, wait until you meet someone from Split.
Other than the cool mindset and lifestyle, a unique thing to see in Split is the Diocletian's palace, a beautiful palace built by the Romans in the 4th century and protected by the UNESCO, just like Dubrovnik. Most people connect the building of this palace to the founding of the city of Split itself. It is the best kept palace from that period of time in the whole world. The parts that remain today are now integrated with the rest of the old city and it's extremely interesting to see how this works today. Also, if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, it might be worth noting that they did some filming here: for example two Daenerys's dragons were kept locked in the basement of the palace. You'll find some Game of Thrones tours there, as well as a lot of souvenir shops. We do offer a Game of Thrones tour there as well, and a combined Dubrovnik-Split Game of Thrones tour. 
There's a number of other beautiful buildings and sights in Split, such as the Cathedral of Saint Dujam, or Duje, the saint patron and protector of the city of Split. You can also do a fair bit of shopping here: people from Dubrovnik tend to either go here or to Mostar to do their yearly huge shopping spree, as there's a lot of choice and the prices are not so steep. Split is also well known for sport, and the stadium of our beloved football team Hajduk, called Poljud, is situated there as well. The stadium is in the shape of a shell and is known to be quite beautiful. The fans of Hajduk are called Torcida and they are pretty energetic and active when it comes to cheering for Hajduk.
Remember these two words, Hajduk and Torcida: you will see them everywhere around Split.


So in the end, whether you are going to Hvar island, Split city, Vis island,  Brač island, or any other destination of your choice, our professional skippers are always at your service. Join us for a ride and find out what makes us the best choice for a trip like this! All other transfers that are not mentioned here can certainly be arranged on request. You can view the prices or book any of the transfers right here: Yacht Rental.