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Tirena Tirena

Let’s sail together! You only need to bring your camera… we’ll bring the good mood!
Time flies quickly...Here we are... in March! Storms and Siberian cold weather are behind us and it is time to catch the sun rays! Few days ago The Guardian featured Croatia and its 4 beaches in a list of the 25 best beaches in Europe. It is a good promotian for Croatia and its beauties. Croatia is a land of thousands islands. Many islands in Dalmatia have something to offer to escape from urban rush to the nature tranquility. Beaches are the best place to relax and enjoy the sun, fresh air and sea. Dubrovnik Elaphite islands are the perfect destination for the independent traveler who yearns to experience the reality of a real living and working island and to see the hidden natural beauties! Let Us Delight You with the Beauty of the Elaphite Islands! Join us on our full day three-islands cruise where you will experience the best of the Elaphite archipelago (Koločep, Šipand and Lopud)! We travel with a 16th-century galleon replica Tirena. During the day, you go ashore on each of the archipelago's most famous islands to sightsee and explore at your own pace. Grilled fish menu lunch is included and served on board. This is a fabulous way to initiate or end your vacation in Dubrovnik. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are new to the cruise or a returning visitor there is always something new to experience on this One Day Cruise from Dubrovnik. Let us lead you to your next adventure! Save your date and book with Elite Travel! Croatia is full of life! Tag your pictures!