Skywalk in Biokovo Nature Park in Croatia

Skywalk in Biokovo Nature Park in Croatia Ivo Cagalj/PIXSELL

A unique attraction in Croatia opened for visitors in Biokovo Nature Park on June 2, 2020. It is situated at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level and only 13 kilometers up Biokovo road at Ravna Vlaška. As it protrudes out 12 kilometers from the cliffs the view one gets from standing on a horseshoe-shaped lookout with a glass base for walking is stunning. Overlooking parts of the Makarska Riviera and the islands you are mesmerized by the beauty of the nature around you and a bird’s eye view. The capacity of the platform is 30 people and your stay is limited to 5 minutes. There is also a geological pillar that enables one to have a three-dimensional view of the cross-section of the rocks of Biokovo area with a geological table so one gets more familiar with the formation and type of the rocks of the surroundings.
The total value of this project is about 35 million kuna with about 27 million kuna financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds. The rest of the funds come from the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency and Makarska Development Agency and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Funds. The whole project started in 2016 and it consists of 12 project elements planned in order to increase educational capacity of visitors to the Biokovo Nature Park and the number of visitors. The completion of the project is expected in January 2021.
If you feel a bit uneasy about your walk, do not worry, it has been tested. A day before the opening for visitors some of the top Croatian politicians attended the opening ceremony including a Croatian Prime Minister.
You will certainly not regret it as the feel is awesome.