The scents of Christmas in Dubrovnik way are in the air...

The scents of Christmas in Dubrovnik way are in the air... Tourist Board of Dubrovnik

„Humanity, morality, decency, might be forgotten, but codfish must still be had for the use of the faithful in Lent and on fast days“

by Francis Parkman, American historian, XIX century


The Dubrovnik Winter Festival is in full swing. Good food and good entertainment are the main heroes during the 5th edition of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival. Three Advent Sundays are behind of us and it means that the last candle will be lighted and Christmas will fill in our homes and hearts. The scents of Christmas are everywhere around us anywhere you go: prikles or fritules (donuts), sausages and hot wine.  One of the most powerful scent of Christmas holidays in Dubrovnik is the scent of codfish dishes.

In the period 21.12.2018. - 24.12.2018. you will be able to taste the rich authentic gastronomic offer of traditional codfish Dubrovnik specialties at Dubrovnik's restaurants. These dishes are part of Dubrovnik’s gastronomic heritage, prepared according to traditional recipes. The most known codfish preparations are cod fish in "red" and cod fish in "white". You will surely enjoy the various specialties and wines paired with them.

Do not miss this festive of codfish and visit any numorous restaurant participating in this manifistation in cooperation with Tourist Board of Dubrovnik!