Things you need to know before you visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

There are many types of travelers, but mostly you can divide them into either the spontaneous ones, or the ones who plan out everything in advance. Some things in Dubrovnik may surprise even the most organized ones, and here we will try to sum up a few of those.

1. Coffee is the most important thing in the world
Croatia is well known for its coffee culture, especially when you mention that it's the eighth country in the world by consumation of coffee, with only 4 million inhabitants. The further you go down from the north of the country along the coast, the more important the coffee becomes. Finally coming to Dubrovnik, this is where this tradition really lives. We are pretty much famous for being able to drink one cup of coffee for about five hours. You can sit in a coffee shop for that long without being judged. Actually, you'd be judged if you just drank it and left. You have to soak in the sun as well as the caffeine. We do everything over coffee as well – friendly meetings, dates, business meetings, job interviews. Almost any coffee shop you walk by will always be full. So if you want to look like a local, find a spot in the sun and order yourself a ''veliki s hladnim''!

2. Talk about the weather and complain about the weather (or anything else)
To showcase the above, we'll list some of the sentences you'll hear the most:
Ah, it's so damn hot, this is way too much, can't stand the sun anymore, when is the rain coming?
Ah, it's raining again, I wonder if I'll ever see the sun again, I prefer anything over this terrible rain!
Ah, it's so windy, the wind is the worst, I don't even mind the rain as long as it's not windy!
In general, it's pretty much the same here as anywhere else in the world – all small talk begins with chatting about the weather. However, even though we have amazing weather, you also always have to find something to complain about. It can be too hot, too cold, too windy, not windy enough.. it takes imagination and a great deal of talent. If you can't find something to complain about in relation to the weather, make sure to talk about something else that's bothering you. We are not negative people in general, and we live quite a nice laid-back life here, so we like to highlight the negatives out of pure boredom. So when you're in a taxi and want to chat – just complain about something!

3. The traffic is a bit crazy
People in Dubrovnik drive like maniacs – which is the main reason why we don't recommend cycling within the actual city. The streets of Dubrovnik are very narrow so it takes a special kind of skill and a special kind of masochism to drive around them. The term 'angry driver' goes to a whole other level here. Unless you see someone you know – then you just honk like crazy!

4. It can get extremely crowded
Dubrovnik certainly has mass tourism and a lot of cruise ships visiting almost throughout the entire year. Add the guests staying here for a few days and the ones visiting Dubrovnik on one day bus/boat trips – sometimes we have more guests in the city than locals! Therefore the city can get very crowded so visiting the main attractions in the afternoon or evening might be a good idea. 4082700901 523aee603d o

5. We're not Croatia, we're not Dalmatia, and we're certainly not King's Landing – we're Dubrovnik
People from Dubrovnik are very specific and very special – and being from Dubrovnik, we don't necessarily mean this in a good way. We always tend to stand out somehow and separate ourselves from the rest of the crowd. We consider ourselves almost independent from Croatia – which we were for a very long time indeed, and still today we are physically separated from the rest of the country (have a quick look at the map!). We also don't like to be called a part of Dalmatia, or completely idenfitied only as a Game of Thrones location. If you really want people from Dubrovnik to like you, try saying you're visiting the Republic of Ragusa – this will win you all the bonus points.

6. We don't have dreamy sandy beaches
Dubrovnik has beautiful beaches indeed, however because of the kind of landscape that surrounds it, it doesn't actually have those sandy beaches that everyone dreams of. Our beaches are pebbly, rocks, and not so easy to walk through. If you're someone who really doesn't like this – you might want to go to Lopud island! The whole island has small sandy beaches – but if you go to the other side of the island – there you can find Šunj beach, one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in this part of the coast. Join our Three Island Tour (link) and spend a couple of hours there!

7. Dubrovnik is quite expensive
Many see Croatia as quite a poor country, however as we've mentioned above, Dubrovnik always has to be different, so in these terms as well. Especially in the area around the Old town, you'll find the prices are quite high. For this you might want to learn a couple of Croatian words and phrases – the locals get a big discount for pretty much anything! And always say 'hvala'. 

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If there are any other things you'd like to know before your visit, don't hesitate to contact us!