How will Dubrovnik rock your world

Fancy doing something completely off the beaten path while in Dubrovnik, or would you like to have a fun full body workout (after all the scrumptious Dalmatian dishes and wine)?

Enter rock climbing. Cardiovascular meets resistance exercise, an activity where you are bound to feel like a superhero.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you’ve climbed before, Dubrovnik has the routes for you.

Official announcement that rock climbing will be an Olympic sport from 2020 (now 2021) has shined light on this exceptional sport. Studies have shown that in addition to giving you a great workout, climbing will do good for your brain too. Climbing a route demands body awareness and that celebrated mindset of “being in a moment”, it will increase your mental strength by giving you opportunity to work on your problem-solving skills, plus it will give you that great feeling of victory when you meet your fears and overcome them.

There are three crags that are close to Dubrovnik and couple more on the Peljesac peninsula. You can find basic information like location and grades on these crags online, or very detailed information in a book Croatia climbing guide. The closest crag to the Old town is called Zarkovica, it’s some 15 min of driving from Old town. This one is especially great for beginners because the approach is short and most of the routes are on the “easier side”. Two others are located in Konavle, an hour of driving from Dubrovnik Old town. All three of these crags are well maintained and offer various grades, with new routes being added by local rock-climbing club.

Have fun, and remember “leave no trace”, let’s keep Dubrovnik’s nature beautiful and clean.

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