Dubrovnik is best known for its beautiful old stone walls and rich history. But, when in Dubrovnik, don't miss your chance to go outside its walls and visit Konavle, the most southern part of Croatia, much famous for its traditional style houses, old water and flour mills and its unique gastronomy. Nowhere in Croatia you can taste MANTALA, traditional sweet jelly, made of excellent winebrands cultivated in the vineyards in Konavle valley.
Mantala is very special for its scent and flavor that cannot be described really in common words. The ingredients that perfectly match together make it a real gastronomic treasure that can't be found anywhere else but in Konavle. Made of wine, nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon and flour (some households use bread crumbs instead of flour) is a "must try" delicacy. It is usually made in September, when the wine grapes are at its best, mostly by the households that produce wine as the wine used for Mantala is the one that has not fermented yet, which gives this delicacy a subtle and unique taste.
But, we will say no more on Mantala, come and visit us, we'll save you a piece of Mantala, at least we hope...