Hiking and legends

Hiking and legends visitkorcula.eu

The special forest vegetation reserve Kočje in Žrnovo, on the island of Korčula has always been associated with thoughtful stories about forest fairies. Anyone who enters Kočje feels something special and whoever has stayed in Kočje can confirm that there is some supernatural energy that cannot be felt anywhere else.

The legend goes something like this. Mikuleto spent most of his time, instead of at work, in Kočje. It was not clear to anyone why, but no one knew that forest fairies were appearing to him. He would play the flute for them, and they would dance. Intoxicated by their company, Mikuleto would return home with unfinished business, and soon his wife's interrogations and resentments began, she was interested in where he was and what was he doing all day. Next day Mikuleto complained to the fairies that his wife no longer allowed him to come to Kočje, so the fairies decided to reward him. They gave him a bag, full and heavy, with a warning not to open it by any chance before he crossed the threshold of his house. Mikuleto was too "curious" and halfway through he shook the bag in which he found only "fire", that is, coal. At home, he confessed the whole story to his wife, and she found a few gold coins in the bottom of the bag. She chased him back to pick up the coal, but there was nothing left on the way. For many years after Mikuleto stopped by Kočje daily and called his forest fairies, but they never appeared to him again. Mikuleto never got a second chance….

And now dear traveller you have the chance to come and visit the island of Korčula, if you love hiking in nature and legends, who knows, may be the fairies will contact you!