Sokol Tower

This unique fortress is situated in Konavle region - the southernmost part of Croatia. It is perched on a 25 meters high cliff and its shape is well adapted to the environment. Limestone used for its construction comes from the area and its grey color blends in with the color of the mountains and stones around it. The view from the top is magnificent and allows you to see the entire Konavle valley below.
At this strategically important point the Illyrians, the Greeks and the Romans had their strongholds. The last research undertaken during the reconstruction of the Sokol tower, before it reopened for visitors in 2013, shows that this area has been settled rather early and many artifacts displayed in the Sokol tower today speak of its rich history.
However, the Sokol tower started obtaining its today’s appearance in time of the Republic of Dubrovnik when the whole Konavle area came under their power in the 15th century. The Sokol Tower was situated at the border with the Ottoman Empire, so it was essential to pay a lot of attention to its maintenance, weapons, crew and the castellan who came from the ranks of Dubrovnik nobility and who was named for a period of six months. Sokol tower had a defensive purpose, so a weapons arsenal, emergency supplies of grain and wine and two cisterns were ensuring the survival of soldiers and the castellan in case of siege. There are a couple of separate buildings that make this impressive fortress interesting for visitors. The castellan was responsible for the keys and supplies hence he was not allowed to leave the Sokol Tower. Two servants were catering to his needs and 10 to 17 men lived inside the Sokol tower. If needed inhabitants from the neighboring villages used the Sokol tower as their place of refuge.
After 1667 earthquake the fortress started decaying. Its stone was used for the construction of other buildings. Since the Association of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities took over the restoration and the reconstruction of the Sokol tower a lot of time and funds were needed in order to give it back its stunning appearance. Do not miss to visit if you are in the area.

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