Grape harvesting in Peljesac and Konavle

If there is a part of Croatia that can be considered a wine heaven, it is definitely the Peljesac paeninsula.
Azure sea, not a too hot climate, and tons of sun provide everything that you need, to have a perfect glass of wine.

There, one thing holds a rather privileged status. A drink that is at the same time healthy, if used in moderation and an accessory to your dinner, especially to a dinner out. The drink of the gods.... Martin Luther once said: "Beer is made by men, wine by God!"

Grape harvesting in Croatia usually starts early September and lasts till late October. There is no time at a vineyard or a winery like harvest time! Every single part of the organization is engaged - winemakers checking the sugar levels in the grapes, people picking them, the cellars with tanks are cleaned... harvest time is not just a hard day's work but it is a fun time, too. Usually, everyone in the family, after finishing harvesting, get together for a quick breakfast or lunch, with tea, coffee, homemade pastries, cheese, prosciutto, or some other food, home prepared - it is not about the food at all, but it is about gathering together around the food to catch up and take a break, and finally sharing this food among all workers.

The picturesque and beautiful Peljesac paeninsula will easily shock you with its wine quality. Pelješac is one of the largest Croatian vineyards where Plavac mali reigns, it is these slopes, 25% steep, on which vineyards are grown and some genuinely spectacular wines are made. Vineyards cover large tracts of the Peljesac peninsula, starting in Ston and stretching northwest to the outskirts of Orebic. Vineyards are spread down the steep slopes of the paeninsula. With its long winemaking tradition and plenty of unique grape varieties, it will provide you with a unique wine tasting experience.

Let’s get a bit deeper into the issue of the best Pelješac wines. There is plenty to choose from: white Rukatac grape, cultivated with moderately successful results, Plavac Mali, the absolute king of Dalmatian red wines, for which the peninsula is famous, Dingac and Postup are appelations in this area - with over 250 wineries on Peljesac, it is pretty obvious how much wine is important to the people that live here.
Visitors can tour some of these cellars and taste some of the best Croatian wines on our scheduled tours to Korcula island, which include stops in Pelješac for wine tasting in one of the famous local wine cellars. Red, white, dry-there are plenty of options in Peljesac, whatever you fancy...

Another wine lover's heaven is the fertile Konavle valley, the place for excellent wines in Croatia. Apart from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, internationally recognized grapes, some native grapes are cultivated: Plavac mali, Kadarun, Dalmatinka... Among them all, Dubrovnik Malvasija takes a very special place. Being a rather sweet grape, it is also used in production of the famous Prosek, sweet desert wine, produced exactly here in Konavle valley.

If travelling through Croatia, make sure to include Konavle and Peljesac in your travel paths and taste some of the excellent wines produced there.

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