Island Hopping Private Tour: Top 3 Sandy Beaches of Elafiti

Discover some of the best sandy beaches in Croatia and catch the perfect sunset on the Elafiti islands near Dubrovnik.

Island Hopping Private Tour: Top 3 Sandy Beaches of Elafiti

Let's be honest: you can get a bronze tan and a cocktail anywhere, but the perfect beach with warm, golden sand surrounded by crystal clear sea and green pine trees – this is what makes that perfect island life in the Mediterranean.

Avoiding large crowds is preferable in these challenging times - so a private tour might be the way to go. Our professional skipper can greet you at numerous hotel locations in Dubrovnik, and you can organize your daily trip just the way you want it. 

1. Experience the island life on the Donje Čelo sandy beach

Just five kilometers away, Koločep island is nearest to the city of Dubrovnik. Called Kalamota by the locals (kalamos is the fishing stick in old greek), with Lopud, Lokrum, Šipan they create the Elafiti (Elaphite) archipelagos. 

There is no traffic on Koločep, so it is a kid-friendly vacation spot. One main road connects Gornje Čelo on the south and Donje Čelo on the north. This twenty-minute walk will create a permanent postcard in your mind - since each step reveals a new orange or lemon garden and wild olive tree fields. 

And when you need to cool off, you will discover the curving sandy beach in Donje Čelo. Serene and with amazing views, if the fine golden sand isn't enough, you have amenities all around. You can rent out beach loungers or take a kayak sea ride. If your idea of relaxing includes a refreshing cocktail, you will have to walk just a few meters to the beach bar and make your wish come true. The local hotel occupies a part of the beach, so travelers looking for intact nature might choose some of the nearby coves.

Thankfully, when you reserve our island hopping private tour – you can ask your skipper to take you to a more secluded swimming spot. Our experienced skippers always know the best secret coves where you can soak up the sun and let the waves of the crystal clear Adriatic sea take away all the care in the world.

2. Gornje Čelo sandy beach – perfect for peace, family, and romance

Not as famous as the one in Donje Čelo, the sandy beach on the south side of the island is worth your while if you are looking for a more private spot. The cove is located 1.5 kilometers from the center of the village. A footbridge protects you from the waves, so even the less adventurous guests can enjoy their swimming carefree. 

For now, you can't rent lounge chairs here, but there is a restaurant and the possibility of renting kayaks. If you take a walk for a few hundred meters, you can discover more beaches, although stony, breathtaking non the less. 

3. Šunj beach on Lopud island – catch the sunset of a lifetime

Once you have explored the island of Koločep, you can continue your ride on the modern motor yacht, where you will be able to taste some fresh local fruit. Before you know it, you will arrive at your next destination – the picturesque island of Lopud. 

A favorite of many who explore islands near Dubrovnik, Lopud is one of the most popular – with good reason too. After trying the fresh local tuna and relaxing in the shade of the fragrant pine trees, you will have enough time to discover Šunj beach. This sandy beach with shallow waters is ideal when traveling with children. You can get snacks and refreshments from the beach bar, so this could be THE place for you and your friends.

For snapping the perfect photo, hike to the top of the hills above the Šunj beach. Even better, put your phone away and let your senses enjoy without distractions. 

So if you are wondering how to get to Elafiti islands from Dubrovnik the fastest, avoiding the crowds – look up our special offer for the perfect Elaphite island hopping private tour. 

PRO TIP: If you choose to go during June or September, you might have a chance at even more privacy while sightseeing and swimming.

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