The Guardian journalist at his Lastovo adventure

The last great promotion by men of letters comes from a respectable Guardian's reporter and travel writer Kevin Rushby. In his last adventure he visited Lastovo, Croatia's remotest island, as he said.

„I’m always drawn to the remoter parts of any country. Scanning the map of Croatia I spotted Lastovo, aloof from the other 1,106 islands, way out in the Adriatic, on the way to Italy’s Gargano peninsula. When I learned that visitors can stay at a remote lighthouse there, I was hooked.“

The reporter meets Mladen, keeper of the lighthouse Struga, and joined him on his spear-fishing trip,  explored a dozen lonely coves and rocky shores in his canoe and drove to Lastovo town, a place of ornate chimneys and evocative ruins. 

„Later, I lay under the stars on the wall outside my room. A warm wind was blowing and, watching those light beams, I felt like I was being transported by giant magical helicopter to the outer reaches of the cosmos.“

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