Dear Dubrovnik Airport Management and Elite Travel:

Around noon on 24 June, 2017, Norwegian Air notified us that it had cancelled its 5:15pm flight from Dubrovnik to Madrid, leaving well over 100 passengers stranded, and providing little worthwhile information to its customers. For many hours my party of 11 proactively struggled (unsuccessfully) on the internet to find alternative means of getting to Madrid so that we could catch our Sunday flight home to New York. Late in the day we received notice from Norwegian encouraging us to seek our own means of re-booking (and evidently no new flight plans from Norwegian). The Norwegian “Help-Line” was of no help whatsoever.

After many hours searching on the web finding no available flights for 11 people in the next 24 hours from any nearby airports, and with no knowledge of local hotels, we were about to undertake a 9-hour drive in 2 vans, to Venice, on just the hope that we’d be able, en route, to arrange flights from there.

This is when Elite Travel and the Dubrovnik Airport personnel stepped in and saved the day for us and so many other passengers. With no more information from Norwegian than we, the customers, had, your group recognized our plight and had spent several hours arranging for bus transportation and local hotel accommodations. This enabled us the time and place to collect ourselves and complete our re-booking on Sunday morning, enabling only a one-day shift in travel back to New York.

Your actions and the expenses you incurred (which I hope you will recoup from Norwegian) were not required, but were a tremendous help to us, and I’m sure, to all of the passengers. The difficult situation could have quickly spiraled into much worse consequences and left a dark memory for all of us with likely no chance of a return visit. Please be assured that, because of your actions, Dubrovnik and the Croatian coast remain a wonderful memory for all of us, and a desired destination for a future vacation for us and others we connect with, as we are able to highlight the week in your beautiful country.

Thank you.


The Taylor / Wilson party

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