You can't get the real expirience of a country only by seeing it's natural beauties, famous cities, sunny beaches, islands etc. The real expirience is only if you get in touch with the locals.

And Croats, like all others, have some of their specifics:

The propuh – it's a fresh breez created when two windows are open at the same time in the bus, car or house. This breez that help you to breath and to survive the heat is an anormous treat to Croats. For most, it can cause infections, flu and muscle aches and pains. So, beware of propuh!

If you are invated for a dinner, hospitality towards guests is something to be prepared for. You will be offer with drinks, premeal snacks, a meal, cake, coffee and then more drink. Take a little bit of everything. Do not dare to refuse!

After eating fish, or any other seafood, it is not customary to drink wather. Instead enjoy one of the local wines!