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Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:19

Travelife award ceremony

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This year Travelife award ceremony was held during the WTM in London. It took place at the stand of the ITC She Trades which gathers 19 Women's Entrepreneurial Initiatives form Kenya and Ghana. In this way Travelife express its support and empowers to African women and send a message and call for all of us to do the same.

Elite travel took part at the ceremony and our Vice President Mr Marko Resetar recived a Travelife Certified certificate from Mr Naut Kusters, manager of Travelife for tour operators.

Wednesday, 03 October 2018 15:22

Elite travel fleet 2019 - Meet MS Providenca

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We are proud to announce a new member of our fleet for 2019, MS Providenca. She has been commissioned in 2014, refurbished in 2018. The boat is 47 m long, 9 m wide with a cruising speed of 9 knots and capacity of 40 persons. She has 20 ensuite cabins on the upper, main and lower deck.
There are 8 twin cabins / double cabins on the lower deck. On the main deck there are 11 cabins, 8 twin cabins / double cabins and 3 twin cabins. On the upper deck there is 1 twin cabins / double cabins.
Cabin furnishings include a cupboard, a cabinet and a window or a porthole. All cabins are fully air-conditioned and equipped with power plugs, LCD TV, safe box and hairdryer. Bathrooms are fully equipped with a shower, toilette and vanity with a sink.
Also, on the main and upper deck there is one bathroom with showers. Upper deck houses a fully air-conditioned salon-restaurant that sits all guests at the same time with a fully equipped bar and LCD TV. At the rear of the boat you can find a shaded lounge area with club tables and comfortable sofas. Top deck, also called the „sun deck“ offers 145 m2 of space and is equipped with sun tanning chairs and jacuzzi, also WIFI is available free of charge in the salon and in the rear part of the boat.

Enjoy Dalmatian Highlights Cruise on board MS Providenca!

Friday, 14 September 2018 13:18

Game of Thrones - Dubrovnik

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Warning: containing spoilers!

Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones will understand the thrill of visiting the real filming locations of its scenes set in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing) like the Blackwater bay, the Red Keep, Walk of shame, city of Qarth etc.

Every season except season 1 is filmed here and we consider ourselves like a second home to all HBO crew. 

This February they came to film only one scene of season 8 and for the first time Jon Snow came to King’s Landing. The scene is on the fort Bokar with Cersei, Jamie, Mountain and Jon Snow. It would be interesting to see what they are talking about.

Nobody knows who will take the Iron Throne, but there are always some hints. Shocking ones, of course!

When the filming of the season 8 was finished, Aria (Maisie Williams) published on her Instagram profile a picture with her bloody shoes with a hashtag #lastwomanstanding and caption “goodbye belfast. goodbye arya. goodbye game of thrones. what a joy i’ve had. here’s to the adventures to come“

Also, Sansa (Sophie Turner) has a new tattoo … Her tattoo artist Lauren Winzer shared a photo of Turner's ink, which features the House of Stark wolf and the words "The pack survives" written below it.

Are the Starks the last ones alive?

There is an interesting theory that George Martin showed us in season 1 who will take the Throne … we just have to find the hint. And now, with Aria’s post and Sansa’s new tattoo maybe that is true. Do you remember what Ned Stark told to his family in season 1?

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

So let’s wait and see if this is true …

And if you want to see King’s Landing up close and personal … book our Game of Thrones tour. We are proud to say that our Game of Thrones walking tour of Dubrovnik is among top 25 experiences in the world! This is based on reviews and opinions from millions of TripAdvisor travellers!

For more details visit Game of Thrones walking tour

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 13:13

Salt festival is geared up to start in Ston

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„Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea.”

Pythagoras (580 BC - 500 BC)

Without any doubts Pythagoras said smart words about salt in BC time. Salt was of high value to the Jews, Greeks, Romans and  the Chinese and other people of antiquity. Although nowadays salt is one of the most common ingredients on our table, in the past it was called „white gold“ because it was fundamental for the preservation of food.

Salt has played a prominent role in determining the power and location of the world's great cities. Salt created and destroyed empires. One of this big empires was Roman empire who left many salt works after them.

Croatia has a very diverse history linked with salt works. Historically, in terms of salt in Croatia, the oldest known document comes from the year 542 CE and is linked to the former Brijuni Saltworks. One of the oldest  salt pans in Europe, in Croatia, in Ston, a coastal town just north of Croatia's Adriatic pearl, Dubrovnik, are said to date to Roman times too. But the first written mention was in 1272 in the Statutes of the Ragusan Republic - a small, independent state around Ragusa, as Dubrovnik was known. The statutes set strict rules for the production, storage and sale of Ston's salt.

A four-day-long festival dedicated to the ancient tradition of salt production will take place in Ston, 30 August 2018-2 September 2018. The purpose of this event, the 2nd edition of the Festival of Salt, is to remember and celebrate Ston's past and dedicate a celebration to the precious salt, re-enacting the past traditions and proposing various themed attractions: traditional products and handcrafts fair (every day),  wine, honey and olive oil tasting and sale, workshops for children, traditional dance and music etc..

We recommend you create some memories, with a pinch of salt to help spice up your stay in Croatia! For more information visit the official website of  the Tourist Board of Ston, attend on festival and tag your photos on Instagram. #festivalofsalt#elitetravel

It seems like a dream, but it is a true! Croatia is in the World Cup Final!

Croatia is celebrating a great victory against England and congratulations are coming from all around the world. We are all overwhelmed with the emotions, happiness and proud.

In that joy our headquter in Dubrovnik, Vukovarska 17 is today covered in red and white flags as it should be!

We are so proud of our national football team and each one of spirited, courageous and fearless team players!

Go on Croatia!

Tuesday, 03 July 2018 15:28

Football madness in Croatia

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Just to let you know, you are not only visiting the country of a thousand islands, but a completly crazy football nation as well. „Positivly“ crazy of course. And now that we are in quaterfinals, the madness is even greater.

So, as much as we want to wright about someting else like summer time, leisure and holidays, or give you some tips about what to do or not, we can't escape the global euphoria that is in Croatia. And not only in Croatia, we belive.

If you are in Croatia during te World Cup 2018, prepare yourself for streets full of red and white squares. Peopole are dressed in squres, squares are on the cars, buildings, squeres in the shops, squares apsolutly everywhere.

It is common in Croatia to watch football matches on the big screens at the open. Feel free to join one of this events, you won't regreat. It is relly a special expirience, choose a beer that you like the best, put a scarf on and enjoy.

Support our team and help as win this time.

Next match on Saturday, July the 7th, at 08:00 PM.

Monday, 11 June 2018 15:23

Top Things to do in Croatia

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According to Trip Advisor, among top 4 things to do in Croatia, three of them are activities in Dubrovnik: City Walls walk, Old Town Walking tour and Cable Car.

Ancient City Walls are, for most of the tourists, number one „must see“ while in Croatia. Medieval walls surrounding the stone city with orange-red roof tops are the perfect background for your next selfie.

If you don't like to be bothered by walking the Walls and steps, we recommend just an easy walk down the streets of Dubrovnik. There you will feel the heart of the Mediterranean city, feel the life on the streets, admire the architecture and history very well preserved till nowadays.

Next on  the list is the Cable Car – modern attraction that give you the chance to see the beauty of Dubrovnik from a bird perspective. This is also a fantastic opportunity for a new cover photo.

This are just tips, to get to know more, visit Elite Travel/Daytours/Dubrovnik.

Thursday, 17 May 2018 14:01

Do you want to taste the Dalmatia?

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We want to give you the chance to really taste all the flavors of Dalmatia. What do you think about olive oil, home made cheese, smoked ham and wine?

We have a perfect tour for you to find  colors and tastes of Dalmatia. The tour goes from Dubrovnik to the small village of Orašac where we take part in the production of olive oil the old-fashioned way, where the “mill“ is driven by a horse. 

We continue towards the small town of Ston which is the “oysters capital” of Croatia, also known by 5 km long walls surrounding the town. Construction of the walls started in 1317 and was finished only in the 16th century.

In Ston, you can also find the ancient salt pans that were in use during the Dubrovnik Republic. Take a walk along the seaside in the Mali Ston and enjoy the view over the oyster and mussel farms. To complete the list of Dalmatin's tastes, be sure to taste the seafood platter in one of the local restaurants.

Salt, sea, olive oil and wine accompanied by the music of crickets – the perfect day to expirience the best of the Mediterranean. See you on the „Taste of Dalmatia“!

Thursday, 29 March 2018 11:21

TOP 5 Croatian Football Fans' Songs of All Time

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„Football fans share a universal language that cuts across many cultures and many personality types. A serious football fan is never alone. We are legion, and football is often the only thing we have in common“
by Hunter S. Thompson

The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in the summer of 2018 in Russia.There is no bigger sporting event on earth than football's quadrennial international championship, which draws more television viewers than even the Olympic Games and for Croatia there is no bigger sporting event on earth when Croatia gets more football fans of Croatian team during this World Championship than Croatia has citizens.


The Croatian football fans organize themselves in various fan groups such as the Torcida (Hajduk), Bad Blue Boys (Dinamo), Armada (Rijeka), Kohorta (Osijek), etc., but during the Championships, all of them are fans of the Croatian team and sure enough, they find the strength to show their support and cheer for Croatian football players, „Vatreni“.


You can feel the spirit of supporting when Croatian fans' songs are tuned in to warm the crowd up from the last 20 years get blasted from the stadium system and fans sing as well too. Emotional vibes overfill stadiums. Fans are proud to support their favourite football players with songs everwhere, not only on stadiums. After spectacular games, streets are overcrowded with „red&white chess“ (kockicama) T-shirts, flags, hats and popular anthems are in the air!


According to the last voting on the official page of Croatian Football Assosiation for UEFA European Championship in 2016 in France, Croatian fans, total 27352 votes, scaled 10 the best songs and chose the tune „Lijepa li si“ by Thompson & Friends. This tune was selected as the official fans song at the UEFA EURO 2016 in France.

Here are our TOP 5 Croatian Football Fans' songs of all time. Listen up and share your supporting vibes for Croatian football team anywhere where Croatian football players will have a game. Tag your pictures and/or video!

1. Lijepa li si – Thompson & Friends

[youtube url=""]

2. Neka Pati Koga Smeta – Baruni

[youtube url=""]

3. Srce Vatreno – Zaprešić boys

[youtube url=""]

4. Samo Je Jedno – Connect & Zaprešić boys

[youtube url=""]
5. Malo nas je al nas ima – Boris Novković & Dino Dvornik

[youtube url=""]

Do you want to hear more fans' songs, check this link and enjoy! Learn songs, follow the Croatian football team in Russia in 2018 and everywhere later and be a part of big brotherhood of fans of Croatian football team! Croatia full of life!

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”
by English wine-lover and wine-merchant André Louis Simon

The very special occasions in the history of The British Royal Family were emphasized by Croatian wine, Traminac: in 1953, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as in 2011, on the wedding of Prince William and Duchesse Kate Middleton. It seems it became like a family wine for the Royal Court of England. In addition, on visiting Croatia two years ago, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla enjoyed beautiful aromas of Traminac.

Preparations for the Royal wedding of the year of Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle are in full swing. The Royal couple will get married at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on the 19th of May 2018. It was confirmed that Traminac wine from Ilok cellars will be served at the Royal wedding. ‘’We have heard that Prince Harry and Meghan want our Croatian wines at their wedding. We are very honored and we will be happy to send them’’, commented Diana Spajić, the marketing manager at Iločki podrumi.

Traminac is a sweet wine that is served as an aperitif or at the end of a dessert. Sweetness is achieved with earlier harvesting. The wine is of exceptional aroma, golden color and can be dry or semi-sweet. According to experts, today the price of one bottle of Traminac from 1947 that was served at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 is worth 55,000 Kuna (around 7,400 Euros).

In Ilok, above the powerful Danube River, along the historic medieval town center, the Old wine cellars are situated. These unique heritage objects are remarks of the very long history and tradition of wine cultivation and wine production. Visit of Ilok cellars is included into the itinerary of our tour “One journey four countries”. Beside the authentic wine tasting and lunch included, the attractions of this tourism resort are the two old wine cellars from the 15th and 18th century. For over five hundred years, these unique wine cellars are having perfect conditions for creation and nurturing of premium wines and guard the precious wine archive. Ilok cellars will delight you with stories that are told by secrets kept inside and you have a chance to find out on your own tasting why representatives from the Royal Court of England chose wine from this winery to be served at the Royal occasions. Cheers! To The Royal Family!
Are you still planning how to spend your vacation? The tour “One journey, four countries” is one of the best seller of Elite Travel products. Discover, taste and tag your pictures! See you soon!

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