Zagreb Walking Tour


From the impressive sacral heritage to cozy cafes and aromas of traditional fare, a walk through the Upper Town of Zagreb delivers the very essence of Croatia’s capital.
Bringing history, culture and brimming nightlife together around green parks, serene courtyards and quirky corners, Zagreb charms with a lively vibe. After you meet up by the Ban Jelačić statue on the main square, or “under the horse” as the locals would say it, head towards the historic Upper town area. You will pass Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gates), enjoy a pleasant stroll and see the tower of Lotrščak, the church of St. Mark, and several present-day government venues. The Upper Town grows on you with each step, so count on coming back for more even after you have finished your Zagreb walking tour.
21,00 €

Zagreb stroll and the Museum of Broken Relationships


In this walking tour of Zagreb, experience its European charm as it pulses around open-air markets, historic quarters and quirky museums.
Croatia’s largest city Zagreb exudes a spirit of a true central European capital. In medieval times, Zagreb was actually two communes, Kaptol and Gradec. Today, they flourish as the Upper town, the historic area. Exploring the wavering alleys between the wondrous Cathedral and the widely recognized church of St. Mark, you’ll find small cafes, traditional restaurants, romantic overlook spots as well as quirky museums. In one such venue, the Museum of Broken Relationships, a collection of tokens of broken love affairs from around the world evokes an emotion common to all of us – the one of craze and hardship of failed love.
28,00 €

Plitvice Lakes Day Trip from Zagreb


‘UNESCO-protected heritage’, ‘Croatian National Park’, ‘most popular tourist destination in Croatia’… this full day tour explains why Plitvice Lakes rightfully own each title they get.
Croatia’s most popular national park sits south of the country’s capital of Zagreb. As you cast out from the bustling city landscapes, relax as they grow replaced by rural imagery enveloped in green forests. In one such area, 16 cascading lakes overflow in a spectacular play of over 90 waterfalls, creating the UNESCO-listed natural spot of Plitvice Lakes. Your guide will explain the inspiring works of nature behind the beauty of Plitvice and you will have a chance to tour around the lakes on a bus, a boat and a hike. After enjoying some time on your own, head back to Zagreb inspired by this heavenly corner of the world.

91,00 € April, May, June, September, October

108,00 € July & August

The town Varaždin and Trakošćan castle from Zagreb


Dotted in picturesque villages and topped with castles, the green rolling hills of the Croatian north set the scene for a fairy-tale-like day trip.
As the dreamy sceneries of vineyards and rural landscapes replace the image of the bustling capital city, travel to Varaždin, the northern region’s center. Known for its distinct Baroque air, Varaždin sits on the bank of river Drava and weaves its green parks and flat lands around the Baroque and rococo architectural fabric. From Varaždin, make your way to one of the most beautiful Croatian castles, Trakošćan. Mentioned in written documents for the first time in the 14th century, it will for sure remain on the tip of your tongue a while after you have visited.
63,00 €