King or Rector. Sword or diplomacy. Dubrovnik or Kings Landing. Which parts of Dubrovnik history can be compared to „Song of Ice and Fire“? During this orientational tour you will see the most significant sites within Dubrovnik Old Town that were used as the filming location of the „Game of Thrones“ TV series. Our guide will share insight stories that took place during the filming and show you the real place that were stand in for Kings Landing., Blackwater Bay, Red Keep, Quarth. You will hear about famous Dubrovnik Republic and see the most important historical sights, all combined with the fantasy world of the most popular HBO show ever. Meeting point on Pile square at 1700 1700 Walking tour of the Old Town (visits to museums not included) INCLUDED: expert guide INFO: guests should bring comfortable shoes, light clothing.

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Friday, 14 September 2018 13:18

Game of Thrones - Dubrovnik

Warning: containing spoilers!

Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones will understand the thrill of visiting the real filming locations of its scenes set in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing) like the Blackwater bay, the Red Keep, Walk of shame, city of Qarth etc.

Every season except season 1 is filmed here and we consider ourselves like a second home to all HBO crew. 

This February they came to film only one scene of season 8 and for the first time Jon Snow came to King’s Landing. The scene is on the fort Bokar with Cersei, Jamie, Mountain and Jon Snow. It would be interesting to see what they are talking about.

Nobody knows who will take the Iron Throne, but there are always some hints. Shocking ones, of course!

When the filming of the season 8 was finished, Aria (Maisie Williams) published on her Instagram profile a picture with her bloody shoes with a hashtag #lastwomanstanding and caption “goodbye belfast. goodbye arya. goodbye game of thrones. what a joy i’ve had. here’s to the adventures to come“

Also, Sansa (Sophie Turner) has a new tattoo … Her tattoo artist Lauren Winzer shared a photo of Turner's ink, which features the House of Stark wolf and the words "The pack survives" written below it.

Are the Starks the last ones alive?

There is an interesting theory that George Martin showed us in season 1 who will take the Throne … we just have to find the hint. And now, with Aria’s post and Sansa’s new tattoo maybe that is true. Do you remember what Ned Stark told to his family in season 1?

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

So let’s wait and see if this is true …

And if you want to see King’s Landing up close and personal … book our Game of Thrones tour. We are proud to say that our Game of Thrones walking tour of Dubrovnik is among top 25 experiences in the world! This is based on reviews and opinions from millions of TripAdvisor travellers!

For more details visit Game of Thrones walking tour

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Another great promotion of Dubrovnik in making this days come from 2Cellos. As they post on their facebook, they recorded Game of Thrones video on their „set“ in Dubrovnik.

The medieval town listed as UNESCO World Heritage, the well known Game of Thrones film sets and two great musicans...

Just press play and enjoy!



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Sunday, 05 February 2017 17:49

Game of Thrones & Trsteno from Dubrovnik


A stroll around the City of the Iron Throne and a visit to the gardens of King’s Landing come coupled in this half-day discovery of the Game of Thrones filming locations. 
Welcome to the city of the Iron Throne! Walk the streets where Targaryens, Starks and Lannisters used to walk. Climb the fortresses and walls which where attacked by the Baratheons. Stroll on the shores of the Blackwater bay and experience life in the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. This tour takes you to Lovrijenac fortress, Dubrovnik city walls, and around many corners which appeared in the mega-popular Game of Thrones. After all the walking, enjoy a short drive to the beautiful gardens of Trsteno, the first arboretum in this part of the world. You know, where Sansa and Margaery Tyrell discussed marriage in general, and Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion in particular. 
122,00 €

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