According to the Daily Telegraph travel writer Soo Kim, main street in Dubrovnik – Stradun is one of the 25 incredible streets you must visit before you die.

Our main street is found on the third place, just alongside to Champs-Élysées in Paris and Ocean Drive in Miami.

It is also said that despite the crowds, a walk down Stradun is a must, especially if you are a fan of Game of Thrones (it's where Cersei Lannister takes her walk of penance).

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Sunday, 05 February 2017 17:50

Old Town Walking Tour from Dubrovnik

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“.... those who seek paradise on Earth
should come to Dubrovnik”
(George Bernard Shaw)

Let our guided city tour of Dubrovnik Old Town weave the story of its history and its present into the splendid fabric of fine architecture and magnificent city walls. Starting from Pile square on the eastern side of Dubrovnik Old Town, embark on a walking tour through the maze of narrow streets, lively piazzas, and stunning palaces like Sponza and churches like St. Blaise. Enjoy the moderate tempo of your walk as you stroll down the main thoroughfare of Stradun, all the way to the Cathedral and the Rector’s Palace, where you will discover a fine synergy between governance and faith which kept Dubrovnik afloat as the independent Republic of Ragusa for 450 years.
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