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Elite Travel is committed to continuous improvement of waste management practices to reduce the proportion of waste created at our operation sites and offices. The company promotes increased treatment of waste for re-use or re-cycling, in order to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. The company embraces its legal duty to comply with provisions of current environmental and inter-related waste management legislation, and will act responsibly to manage waste in support of the following objectives:

• Discarding less material through the use of alternative practices and encouraging members of the supply chain to adopt the same principle.

• Making use of existing materials wherever practically possible, either on site or on other projects.

• Identifying and segregating materials for re-cycling. 
• Appointing waste management contractors with a proven track record on recycling,

• Complying with current waste management legislation, and, company policy and procedure, for the safe disposal of waste.

Elite Travel will promote awareness of waste management with all employees, both at offices and on operation sites, including subcontractors and suppliers, that can be identified as producers of significant waste. Continuous improvements will be guided by consideration of environmental benefits, changing legislation, reviews of waste management procedures and innovation in the waste management industry. 
This Waste Reduction Policy, together with our waste management system, will be periodically reviewed to ensure their continued relevance and appropriateness to our activities.

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